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Safety and Health at the Workplace

A healthy and safe work environment is crucial for your company, happy workers mean higher productivity, at the same time safety policies could reduce your workers' compensation rates, take a look at this presentation.


Advantage of Employment Agencies


Effective Screening Process

Employment agencies have screening and hiring processes already in place, extensive criminal record checks, verification of references, drug screening, employment test, etc, the opportunity of working on many different types of positions makes us gain a lot of experience, we know what to ask and how to apply the necessary steps to find the right candidate.

Reducing your Workload and Expenses

Screening resumes and/or employment applications, making calls to potential candidates, conducting interviews, and performing employment orientations could take a lot of your time, could be tedious, frustrating and very time-consuming, let the expert do the job for you.


How to Reduce Employee Turnover

The first step is always hiring the right people, but there are other important steps to follow to reduce a high turnover, such as competitive salaries, bonuses, employee appreciation and creating a healthy work environment.  Here is a great article:


Hiring the Best Will Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Yes, hiring the right person will increase your productivity.

Investing all necessary time to find the right person will pay off, take your time selecting the candidate the best matches your opening, in the long run this important step will save you time, your productivity will increase, things will run smoothly and you will have less things to worry about.



3 Myths about Staffing Agencies

There are a lot of myths about temporary agencies, during our career we found very successful stories from our former associates, where we were just the connection bridge to great job opportunities.

There are many different types of temp agencies, some of them offer temporary work, some offer all kind of employments and there are some “Employment Agencies” like us, where we just offer permanent, temp-to-hire or direct hire jobs. So you might want to search the temp or employment agency that best satisfies your employment needs, whether you are looking for employment or if you are looking for personnel for your company.

These are 3 of the most common myths, take a look:


Applying for a Job?

We are always looking to hire the best talent, we offer permanent, temp-to-hire and direct hire positions, our clients are located in the cities around Warren, MI, access our current openings by following us on Twitter at @EMBStaffing, when applying with us make sure your application is complete, one of our Human Resources Representative will contact you if your skills and requirements match our current openings, please note that your application is only visible for a month, if you see a job and you are interested, please apply with us!

We do not offer day by day jobs therefore we are not currently taking calls from candidates available for work in a daily basis nor are we able to inform you the status of your application.